Hi! I am a San Francisco based User Experience Design Director.

I’ve worked with a range of companies from two-person startups to Fortune 500 organizations. While the company may vary, I consistently deliver usable, engaging and sticky products. I am interested in providing users with digital tools that not only enhance quality of life, but also allow us to achieve our maximum potential.

My background consists of a double major in Design and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from Carnegie Mellon University followed my 8+ years industry experience working at Pollen Design, Studio Dror, R/GA and Knewton. Most recently, I started a small design consultancy, Design Rocket, and have had the opportunity to work with several exciting clients such as StreetEasy, ClassDojo, FutureAdvisor, Tuva, Natero, Zoomer and Branching Minds.

I leverage my experience across all platforms including web, software, mobile and retail. My specialties include productivity and education products, eCommerce, marketing, data visualization, branding and creating investor-ready pitch decks.

To learn more about my past experience download my resume.

Get in touch about job inquiries or to just say hello at kajal.gala@gmail.com or kajal@designrocket.biz.

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