Knewton Adaptive Platform

Lead UX Designer at Knewton | 2012

Knewton is an edtech startup based in new york that decided to change focus in 2011 from a gmat test prep company to adaptive learning course provider. I was hired to lead the UX team to create the adaptive system which intelligently is able to give cater the content to strengthen students weaknesses. While Khan Academy or Coursera as geared at getting individual users, Knewton’s goal was to sell the adaptive courses to universities & use them in a blended setting. The outcome is Knewton has secured partnerships in several universities such as ASU, Penn State and the larger deal with Pearson.



Launched first adaptive education product for universities nationwide

Passage rates increase by 11% in Knewton blended courses

2012 Fast Company Award for most innovative company



Converse "Sampler" Mobile Application

Converse | Senior Interaction Designer at R/GA | 2011

Converse approached the team to design an eCommerce application. Gaining time for research we found that there was a culture of target users (14-18) taking photos of their own converse shoes and sharing with their friends. To capitalize on this we created an application to try on shoes and be able to share and/ or purchase them. The application won several ux/ design awards and we can see it’s effect in the industry with several try it on application for products such as sunglasses and rings.



Silver Cannes Lions 2011 Award

2011 Webby Award for Best Use of Augmented Reality

2011 Jay Chiat Award for Creative Technology

Creativity Award’s Report 2011


HBO Website & Apps

HBO | Senior Interaction Designer at R/GA | 2010

Re-design’s entire website. Create an experience, which matches HBO’s premium programming proposition. The website re-design is a full screen experience which aims to continue HBO’s premium programming into the online space. The site encouraging existing users to engage in the rich content surrounding the shows and events. It also pushes potential customers to purchase HBO programming. The project involved creating a very strong information architecture and site templates which would enable to the site to be easily maintained as new content was feed. 



One Show Interactive Award in 2010

One Show Interactive 2011 Award
One Club Merit 2010


Lowe's eCommerce Application

Lowes | Lead Experience Designer at HUGE | 2012

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1.6 million downloads in 1st year

Over 1500 reviews on Apple Store

Launched in both iOS & Android


StreetEasy Redesign

Independent UX Director | 2013

StreetEasy is the widely used real estate website in major east coast cities such as new york and DC. While the online experience was very functional similar to craigslist it was never been touched by a designers. Once streetEasy become my client I worked with them to enhance the user experience making it easier to browse properties and a more satisfying way to see each listing. The application and website are now both live, whilst the company is sold to Zillow in 2013





Independent UX Director | 2014

Better Up is a company that wanted to develop a service to train users in life skills such as how to negotiate or persuading your team. I worked directly with the co-founders to  craft their initial mobile application product to deliver life skill training in an engaging way. While the product directions were endless, I concepted a social way to practice the skills with your training group and advance through mastery in key life skill essential areas. We picked this direction over others as it really  Currently Better Up is in fundraising rounds to be able to get the fund to build out the mobile application and expand the company.




NIKEiD Website & Tablet

Nike | Senior Interaction Designer at R/GA | 2009

Nike had come up with their new line of products, nikeid which was customizable footwear and users could customize them in the store. The first online version selecting different colors and options with drop down boxes and not being able to see the outcome. I worked with a team to craft a much better ux where users could customize the shoe directly and clicking on the different parts. This not only was award winning by introduced a new way to provide customizable products and we see it today from products like bikes to engagement rings online.